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Why work with a stationer?

So many reasons. Ok so this topic actually popped up on my feed in two different places today. Two instagram posts in my inner wedding circle made excellent points and I thought I’d throw in my two cents. Stationery sets the tone of your wedding, and we’re not just talking about invites – we're talking all the place cards, menus, signs and custom touches really make it feel like YOUR wedding is unique to you. What’s better than experiencing a perfectly curated and personal wedding?

Although there are great online/pre-designed invitations available (I recommend Minted, as I can attest to their quality and although Vistaprint has many drawbacks with a little insider knowledge they can turn out great on a tight budget.) But what you don’t get by going online it is customer service and attention to detail. Working with a stationer, you will truly get something unique that is perfect for you and your vision as well as created to extremely high standards. Most stationers have built relationships with their printers and suppliers – meaning from the very beginning you’re in good hands. They have worked with many products and materials previously and will be able to attest to their quality, or steer you away from poor decisions. (Don’t try white ink on light blush envelopes, or as I learned today through my stationer forum that some envelope brands actually encourage ink to rub right off - gasp!) No couple wants their invites to be lost to due melted ink!

Maybe you don’t know the difference between print types, paper types, envelope sizes or the options available to you – a stationer will explain all of this to you! Stationers often open up so many possibilities that online providers might not have such as custom letterpress, foiling and access to handmade papers. You can incorporate more of your personal touch working with a stationer and ensure that you will receive the top quality product in the end. I’ve had a steady stream of clients who approach me after spending many hours and dollars on a product they didn’t end up being happy with. Either the template is frustrating to edit or the final product is cheap or showed up upside down. Stationers have been through it all and they know how to troubleshoot situations, recommend papers, deal with print errors (they happen) and make sure you have gorgeous, unique and properly prepared invitations out the door!

If your budget just doesn’t quite fit a custom invitation suite for all your guests, consider a custom digital invite or announcement and save your budget for day of stationery like gorgeous menus, place cards, table numbers and signage. I also suggest custom made, one of a kind ‘keepsake suites’ that are perfect for your big day – no need to order hundreds of invites. Instead you work with a stationer that will create a single set of stationery perfect for wedding photos and keepsakes. Keepsake packages can include Vow books, wedding announcements, written vows, place cards and illustrations. Not to mention stationers have access to all the best details like wax seals, calligraphy, ribbon, postage and more! So… save yourself time/money/headaches by working with a stationer, I guarantee it will be great experience.

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